Gold Inlays, Gold Onlays and Gold Crowns

Why Gold?


We have many patients ask us why we still choose gold restorations over white restorations. White restorations are tooth colored” and why would anyone want something that doesn’t blend with their tooth?  We wanted to take the opportunity to share with you why we love gold so much and why most dentists, assistants, and hygienists, when given the choice, would choose an esthetic gold restoration over a porcelain crown any day. Did we just say ESTHETIC GOLD RESTORATION? YES - we love gold because it can be highly esthetic if prepared in the right way! SO WHY GOLD?!

1.       GOLD IS STRONG. Gold will not break in the mouth - unlike many other porcelain restorative materials which are closer to glass than metal, gold is a malleable metal that interacts in our mouth similar to our natural tooth structure.

2.       GOLD allows us to conserve more tooth structure. With gold - we have the ability to treat each tooth individually and prepare a restoration that retains as much of your actual tooth as possible. We think tooth structure is precious and hope that you do too! 

3.       GOLD IS AESTHETIC! We can prepare gold restorations on many teeth so that you dont see the restorations when you smile. See photos below!

4.       Gold is kind to the opposing tooth - Gold is malleable (a soft metal) that will not do any damage or wear to the tooth it is biting against. 

5.       Gold margins that are finished with a Tucker polish” are the best margins you can have in dentistry - the margin is where the tooth meets up with our dental restorative materials. Margins that are undetectable and highly polished will not accumulate plaque and are less likely to get another cavity. 

6.       Gold restorations have amazing longevity. The combination of amazing margins, antimicrobial properties of metal, and conservation of tooth structure allow gold restorations that are done well to last 20, 30, 50, and even 60 years in peoples mouths. Unfortunately, no other dental materials on the market have that kind of track record. 

7.       Gold means CUSTOM, CRAFT dentistry. Our doctors are members of the Tucker Gold Study Club. This study club was founded by R.V. Tucker to train dentists in the pursuit of excellence. What we do is not usual or customary.” It is rare to find dentists who are not driven by lower costs, efficiency, and ease of use. Our office is driven by conserving tooth structure, teaching preventative care, and making restorations that will last. All of the tools and methods we choose are with that in mind. Technology has propelled us forward, but that does not always equate to better dentistry:

1.       Imagine you have a crown placed when you are 30. Most dentists are preparing full coverage crowns that whittles your tooth down to a small stub. (We are not against full crowns - we just don’t believe in one size fits all”). That porcelain crown can break in 5,10,15 years and then you must have the tooth re-done, and more than likely more tooth structure will be taken away. What will that tooth look like at 90? Will it even still be there? Maybe not.

2.       Imagine you had a conservative gold restoration placed at 30 years old. You retain more of your actual tooth and the gold restoration will not break. It can and will be there in 10, 20, and even 50-60 years if you take care of your teeth and follow our recommendations. You will end up spending less on that tooth and conserving more of your precious tooth structure by choosing gold. So, we hope you do!

See pictures below of the beautiful gold dentistry performed by Dr. May Chang.



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